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Bridge Construction

As we know that, a Bridge is a structure providing passage to cross obstacles like a stream or river or low ground etc. without closing the way beneath. The bridges made to provide passage for a railway, a road, a canal or a pipe line etc.

Bridge Engineering

It is a part of civil engineering which deals with the construction, maintenance as well as design related to Bridges.

What are Bridges?

  • Bridge is a structure which covers a gap.
  • Generally, bridges carry a road or railway across a natural or artificial obstacle such as, a river, canal or another railway or another road.
  • Bridge is a structure corresponding to the heaviest responsibility in carrying a free flow of transport and is the most significant component of a transportation system in case of communication over gaps for whatever reason such as aquatic obstacles, valleys and gorges etc.

Component of Bridges

Generally, component of bridges are two types,

  1. Sub Structure
  2. Super Structure

Friends let us discuss one by one,

Sub Structure

The Lower Most part of bridges which supports the entire structure made from abutments pier etc. including super structure is called sub-structure.

Components of Sub Structure

There are five components of Sub Structure 

  1. Foundation
  2. Piers
  3. Wing Walls
  4. Abutments
  5. Approaches
What are the Foundation

It is the lowermost part of bridge structure. The main function of foundation is to take load of superstructure and transfer the all load to the subsoil through foundations.

What are theĀ Piers?

It is an upright support or super structures as well as structures for example an arch and bridges.

What are the Wing Wall?

A wing wall is a smaller wall which is attached or next to a larger wall or structure.

What are the Abutments

Abutment is a type of column which is constructed towards approach road of a bridge.

What are the Approaches

bridge approaches where the embankments were constructed over soft ground, the ground would settle during the course of construction and continue to settle after completion of the work.

Super Structure

It is that part of bridges over which the traffics moves safely. It consists of Roadway, Girder, and Arches etc. Over which road is supported.


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