Public, residential, Engineering and other Construction works:
• Structural and Architectural Planning and designing of building.
• Topographical survey works and mapping.
• Construction planning and project management.
• Detailed estimation and cost analysis. 
• Monitoring and Supervision of works. 
• Technical evaluation of engineering works.
• Providing suitable technologies accordance to the requirement.

Valuation of Properties 
• Valuation of lands, building. 
• Valuation of equipment, machinery and other properties

Highway and Bridge construction
• Preliminary and detail survey of main trail road. 
• Detail survey of district road, village road.
• Participatory planning and designing of district and village road. 
• Monitoring, evaluation and supervision of roads.
• Application of suitable technology accordance to requirement of locality and consideration of environment effects.
• Survey, design, supervision and evaluation of bridges. 
• Conduct training, seminar and workshop on related fields.

Socio economic and sustainable development studies
• Evaluation of socio-economic impact
• Studies in sustainable development. 
• Studies in application of appropriate technologies in related fields for development.